WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The students we're profiling this week will have one of the best answers to the question "How did you spend your summer vacation?" About 35 teens from the DC area can say "Training with the FBI!"

What's it like to be an FBI agent? Monica Diaz Lopez and JaQuan Frazier have a pretty good idea. They got to interrogate a fictional suspect after a mock robbery.

Frazier asked the suspect, "What were you doing for those couple minutes, because I just saw you posting right here, instead of you going into the store you were just posting?"

For 5 days, the teens from Greater DC get to train with real FBI agents at their real training facility in Quantico, Va. In the fictional town called Hogans Alley, students get all the FBI gear and they learn the art of interrogating a suspect, calming a victim and a lot more.

Aslo, according to Special Agent William "Woody" Woodson,"How to process a robbery scene, to include packaging evidence taking latent fingerprints utilizing gloves, so really they know exactly what to do."

For students like JaQuan Frazier, whose been closer than he'd like to a real crime scene, learning these tactics is more than just a cool week a summer camp -- it hits close to home.

Frazier shared, "The South Capitol shooting, an assault rifle shot up basically the whole block. So that was down the street from my house, so that was more of the crime that happened around there."

So making a positive difference means a lot to a the teens, which is exactly what the FBI agents in charge of the camp love to hear.

Eddie Winkley, FBI Supervisor of Special Agent, said, "We're hoping they are inspired to be special agents one day."

Monica Diaz-Lopez, who is a senior at Woodrow Wilson High School, told us,"It's really interesting. I never thought I saw my self working with the FBI but it could happen."

"I would love to be an FBI Agent. I love investigating. my mom always told me I talk too much. She said I should put it to use. I'm on the debate team, and this was like a practice so and I'm enjoying it, so yes, I would," said Frazier, who is a senior at Cesar Chavez High School.

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