Holiday, Florida (WTSP) -- A man who obviously doesn't know how to call a cab was busted for the fifth time for driving under the influence Tuesday night.

According to his arrest report, 42-year-old Jimmy Williams was seen drinking a can of Busch beer as he drove by a Pasco County Sheriff's deputy on Baillies Bluff Drive around 10 p.m.When the deputy pulled him over, Williams immediately shouted, "I'm wasted, ya got me!" and got out of his pickup truck, beer still in hand.

He then continued to incriminate himself by saying he had "a few more beers" just before he got behind the wheel.

Williams was asked to to perform a field sobriety test after the deputy immediately noticed his glassy, bloodshot, watery eyes, sweaty body, and hearing his extremely slurred speech.

Williams agreed but, according to the report, he fell over several times and couldn't complete any of the exercises. He then refused to take a breathalyzer.

Upon checking Williams' driving history, the deputy discovered his license was permanently revoked and he had four prior DUI convictions between 1998 and 2008.Williams, a self-employed Tarpon Springs resident, can now add another DUI charge to that list.

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