ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WUSA) - Maryland lawmakers worked into the wee hours before the Maryland General Assembly passed a measure to allow a new casino in Prince George's County and table games if voters approve of it.

The House of Delegates didn't vote until just before midnight. The vote was 71 to 58, where a majority of 71 votes were needed.The Senate voted around 1 a.m.Governor Martin O'Malley signed the bill into the law around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

If voters approve of the bill in November, here's what it would do:

  • greenlight a sixth casino to be built in National Harbor
  • allow table games with live dealers at all state casinos
  • cut tax rates on slots at all current casinos, except Rocky Gap

The last item is a key part of the bill, designed to offset the economic impact that the sixth casino could have on other casinos.

Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker issued the following statement about the passage of the bill on Wednesday:

"This morning, the Maryland General Assembly empowered the voters of Maryland and, specifically, Prince George's County, to weigh in on a major economic development opportunity for the State and the County. I want to thank the Maryland General Assembly Members, Speaker Busch and Senate President Miller for appropriately handling a very difficult and complex issue. I applaud the leadership of Governor Martin O'Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and congratulate them on drafting a good bill that was workable and allowed the Members of the General Assembly to amend and approve this referendum.

The passage of this bill enables the voters of the State and County to have the final say on this important issue. It is important because the expansion of gaming into Prince George's County is about the thousands of new jobs, millions of dollars in revenue to the state and County, and growing the travel and tourism industry in Prince George's County. I believe this expansion will be good for the County and good for the State.

I am confident that the people of Prince George's County and the State of Maryland will make the right decision."

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot also released a statement:

"The passage of legislation that will pave the way for a Las Vegas-style casino in Prince George's County, while offering lucrative tax cuts and other critical concessions to casino operators throughout the state, illustrates the tightening control that the national gambling industry now exerts over Maryland's political process.

There never was a fiscal or an economic rationale for reconvening the Maryland General Assembly for its third special session in less than a year. Any revenues that will be generated by a new casino in Prince George's County will take several years to materialize and, if the past is any indication, have been drastically overestimated by gambling supporters and legislative analysts.

Furthermore, any modest revenues that will result from this new MGM casino will be offset to a large extent by the deep tax cuts that have been awarded by the legislature to MGM's in-state competitors. Finally, lawmakers have been duly warned that it would be grossly premature to break ground on a sixth gambling casino without knowing if the marketplace could even support the ones we already have. Despite the limited reward and abundant risks of acting in undue haste, the General Assembly chose to move forward.

While the events of the past few days have been extremely profitable for the national gambling industry, they have been calamitous to those who still value open, transparent and progressive government. The irregular nature of this session provided no meaningful forum for members of the public to attend public hearings, express their opinions and ask hard questions. It denied citizens the chance to review "real-time" campaign finance reports and draw their own conclusions. The final product - tax cuts of 25 percent or more for casino operators, from the same legislature that has repeatedly raised taxes, fees and tolls on small businesses and middle class families - is the most regressive act of public policy that I have seen in 25 years in public life.

In less than three months, voters in Prince George's County and throughout Maryland will vote to ratify or reject this proposal. Ultimately, this referendum will not be about whether Marylanders approve of slot machines and support their legalization. That matter has been decided. Rather, this will be about the type of government Marylanders want, and the kind of state we wish to leave to our kids. This is a question of whether we will allow the national gambling industry to control our political process from the backrooms of Annapolis, or whether we will take a stand for open, transparent and progressive government - one that is actually committed to getting Maryland's fiscal house in order and reviving our troubled economy the right way. This will be a fight for Maryland's future, and it's one I look forward to joining."

MGM Resorts also stressed job creation and funding in its statement:

"The result of this Special Session puts Maryland on the path toward job creation and better funding for schools. We thank Governor O'Malley, President Miller and Speaker Busch for their leadership through this complex process and for ultimately allowing the people to decide the future of their state.

MGM Resorts wants to be a part of this community. We are fully prepared to compete for that opportunity. As we enter this referendum phase, we look forward to meeting more Marylanders to detail our Company's vision for a destination resort at National Harbor. It will be a showcase, of which Prince George's County and all of Maryland will be proud. We're confident after residents carefully weigh the issue they will vote in November to bring new investment, new jobs and new revenues to the state."

Here's how members of the House of Delegates voted on the bill (66 Democrats and 5 Republicans voted yes; 36 Republicans and 22 Democrats voted no):

Democrats for:

Anderson, Curtis, Baltimore

Arora, Sam, Montgomery

Barnes, Benjamin, Prince George's

Barve, Kumar, Montgomery

Busch, Michael, Anne Arundel

Bohanan, John, St. Mary's

Branch, Talmadge, Baltimore

Bromwell, Eric, Baltimore County

Cardin, Jon, Baltimore County

Clagett, Galen, Frederick

Clippinger, Luke, Baltimore

Conaway, Frank, Baltimore

Conway, Norman, Wicomico

Cullison, Bonnie, Montgomery

Davis, Dereck, Prince George's

DeBoy, Steven, Baltimore County

Donoghue, John, Washington

Dumais, Kathleen, Montgomery

Feldman, Brian, Montgomery

Frick, C. William, Montgomery

Frush, Barbara, Prince George's

Gaines, Tawanna, Prince George's

Glenn, Cheryl, Baltimore

Guzzone, Guy, Howard

Haynes, Keith, Baltimore

Healey, Anne, Prince George's

Hixson, Sheila, Montgomery

Howard, Carolyn, Prince George's

Hubbard, James, Prince George's

Ivey, Jolene, Prince George's

Jameson, Sally, Charles

Jones, Adrienne, Baltimore County

Kaiser, Anne, Montgomery

Kelly, Kevin, Allegany

Kramer, Benjamin, Montgomery

Lafferty, Stephen, Baltimore County

Love, Mary Ann, Anne Arundel

Luedtke, Eric, Montgomery

Malone, James, Baltimore County

McHale, Brian, Baltimore

McIntosh, Maggie, Baltimore

Minnick, Joseph, Baltimore County

Nathan-Pulliam, Shirley, Baltimore County

Oaks, Nathaniel, Baltimore

Olszewski, John, Baltimore County

Pendergrass, Shane, Howard

Reznik, Kirill, Montgomery

Robinson, Barbara, Baltimore

Rosenberg, Sandy, Baltimore

Ross, Justin, Prince George's

Rudolph, David, Cecil

Stein, Dana, Baltimore County

Stukes, Melvin, Baltimore,

Summers, Michael, Prince George's

Tarrant, Shawn, Baltimore

Turner, Frank, Howard

Turner, Veronica, Prince George's

Valderrama, Kris, Prince George's

Valentino-Smith, Geraldine, Prince George's

Vallario, Joseph, Prince George's

Waldstreicher, Jeff, Montgomery

Walker, Jay, Prince George's

Washington, Mary, Baltimore

Weir, Michael, Baltimore County

Wilson, C.T., Charles

Zucker, Craig, Montgomery

Democrats Against:

Alston, Tiffany, Prince George's

Barkley, Charles, Montgomery

Beidle, Pamela, Montgomery

Carter, Jill, Baltimore

Gilchrist, James, Montgomery

Griffith, Melanie, Prince George's

Hammen, Peter, Baltimore

Holmes, Marvin, Prince George's

James, Mary-Dulany, Harford

Kelly, Ariana, Montgomery

Lee, Susan, Montgomery

Miller, Aruna, Montgomery

Mizeur, Heather, Montgomery

Morhaim, Dan, Baltimore County

Murphy, Peter, Charles County

Niemann, Doyle, Prince George's

Pena-Melnyk, Joseline, Prince George's

Robinson, Shane, Montgomery

Simmons, Luiz, R.S., Montgomery

Sophocleus, Theodore, Anne Arundel

Vaughn, Michael, Prince George's

Wood, John, St. Mary's

Republicans For:

Beitzel, Wendell, Garrett

Costa, Robert, Anne Arundel

Impallaria, Richard, Baltimore County

McDermott, Mike, Worcester

Myers, LeRoy, Washington

Republicans Against:

Afzali, Kathy, Frederick

Aumann, Susan, Baltimore County

Bates, Gail, Howard

Boteler, Joseph, C. III, Baltimore County

Cluster, John, Anne Arundel

Eckardt, Adelaide, Dorchester

Elliott, Donald, Carroll

Fisher, Mark, Calvert

Frank, William, Baltimore County

George, Ron, Anne Arundel

Glass, Glen, Harford

Haddaway-Riccio, Jeannie, Talbot

Hershey, Stephen, Queen Anne's

Hogan, Patrick, Frederick

Hough, Michael, Frederick

Jacobs, Jay, Kent

Kach, Wade, Baltimore County

Kipke, Nicholaus, Anne Arundel

Krebs, Susan, Carroll

McComas, Susan, Harford

McConkey, Tony, Anne Arundel

McDonough, Patrick, Baltimore County

McMillan, Herb, Anne Arundel

Miller, Warren, Howard

Norman, Wayne, Harford

O'Donnell, Anthony, Calvert

Otto, Charles, Somerset

Parrott, Neil, Washington

Ready, Justin, Carroll

Schuh, Steve, Anne Arundel

Schulz, Kelly, Frederick

Serafini, Andrew, Washington

Smigiel, Michael, Cecil

Stifler, Donna, Harford

Stocksdale, Nancy, Carroll

Vitale, Cathleen, Anne Arundel

Democrats not voting:

Burns, Emmett, C., Jr., Baltimore County

Republicans not voting:

Szeliga, Kathy, Baltimore County

Democrats excused absent:

Bobo, Elizabeth, Howard

Braveboy, Aisha, Prince George's

Cane, Rudolph, Wicomico

Carr, Alfred, Montgomery

Gutierrez, Ana Sol, Prince George's

Harrison, Hattie, Baltimore

Hucker, Tom, Montgomery

Mitchell, Keiffer, Baltimore

Proctor, James, Prince George's

Republicans excused absent:

Dwyer, Don, Anne Arundel

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