ASHBURN, Va. (WUSA) -- The Washington area had considerable expectations during the Jason Campbell era, which lasted from 2005-2009. Joe Gibbs automatically put the pressure on the Auburn quarterback by drafting him in the first round of the NFL draft.

Remember, D.C.'s most legendary coaching figure won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks, proving that an offensive line was the most key ingredient.

This story is not meant to harm Campbell in anyway, nor make any of the five current Redskins who were teammates with the QB look bad. It's merely meant to be a reflection piece on Washington's longest tenured quarterback of the 2000's.

Mike Shanahan was brief with my question, regarding his evaluation of Campbell when he took over the team in 2010.

"To be honest with you, I really don't go back a few years and kind of go over things. That was kind of between me and the Redskins," said Shanahan. I just wish Jason well and thought it was time to make a change -- we did overall as a group. We wish him well."

The Redskins will travel to Chicago on Saturday to face their former quarterback for the first time. Read Campbell's former teammates reaction to his time with the 'Skins.

Q: Could Jason Campbell have been successful under Mike Shanahan?

Chris Cooley: "It's hard to give hypothetical's in those situations. I think he was a competent quarterback. I think he did well enough in Oakland. Hopefully he keeps playing well."

Santana Moss: "Man, that's hard for me to answer. I can't say what he would have been. Wherever he is at, I'm just hoping for the best for him."

Lorenzo Alexander: "Umm...With Jason it's kind of hard to tell. Ithink he had the capabilities of doing it. He was a great guy, hadathletic skill. With Jason -- just like at Auburn -- he had fourdifferent offensive coordinators. He got hit a lot. That wears and tearson you as a quarterback."

Reed Doughty: "I have no idea...Jason was aquality teammate. I can't speak for him, but I don't think this turnedout how he would've liked."

Fred Davis: "Anything like that ... you can't really answer. Anythingis possible. I feel Jason was a good quarterback. He just didn't havemuch luck."

Q: Was Jason Campbell treated fairly by the Redskins organization?

Chris Cooley: "I don't have an answer to that...It's a tough business."

Santana Moss: "Honestly bro...that's hard for me to answer. I don't know a lot about what other guys go through, besides myself. I think everyone has a fair chance to come out here and compete and do what they do."

Lorenzo Alexander: "Jason was here for five years. He had hisopportunity. He was a first round pick. One thing you have to understandabout the NFL: things can change quickly for you. I don't think he hadthe best opportunity because there were so many coordinators that camein..."

Reed Doughty: "I think he was treated fairly, it was just a toughsituation. With all the change, all the time. It was hard on bothsides."

Q: Did Jason Campbell lack leadership?

Santana Moss: "Everyone's not that guy who is going to take over and say 'This and that.' He was brought up a different way, and he handled things differently."

Lorenzo Alexander: "You would have to talk to a guy who was in the huddle with him. From me observing him, I would say no."

Reed Doughty: "Not that I knew of. I think everybody liked Jason.He worked hard. He studied hard. He said the right things. But yeah, Idon't know."

Fred Davis: "Lack leadership? I think he wanted to win.Everyone's leadership skills are different. He wasn't a big voice. Hewouldn't take control. He tried to lead by example...Robert has more of avoice. He's very mature for his age."

Q: When Todd Collins led the Redskins to the playoffs in 2007, was that the nail in the coffin for Jason?

Chris Cooley: "I don't think so. I think Todd did a good job coming off the bench. It was an offense that he knew very well. But we had come together as a team."

Santana Moss: "I really don't know."

LorenzoAlexander: "That year was a crazy year. Sean Taylor had passed. Jasonwas hurt. I just think the guys really rallied during that year. Toddcoming in just happened to be a coincidence."

Reed Doughty: "We just got on a hot run that year. Obviously Todd played a role in that. It was a lot of culminating factors."

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