WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Tonight there is outrage in some quarters over reports that the tiny Maryland town of Glen Echo would like to install a stop sign camera at one tiny intersection, even though the evidence appears incontrovertible that drivers routinely ignore that stop sign.

So why are some of us so upset?
I think I've got an answer but you probably won't like it. It's good old fashioned driver hypocrisy, folks, and I'm going to argue a whole lot of us could plead guilty.

Oh, we claim to want the rules enforced .but then say to ourselves, 'And that light was yellow, I swear. Yeah, whatever.

Look I'm out on the GW Parkway early Monday morning just before rush hour and traffic was at warp speed!! 70 miles per hour. The speed limit's 50.

What nobody wants to acknowledge or admit is that as Americans, a lot of us figure it's our birthright to drive like we wanna drive, and we'll take our chances on getting busted...except with speed cameras...and red light cameras...and now, stop sign cameras. Getting busted becomes almost a guarantee. It's like having grandma back seat driving., except this grandma is handing out $50 citations. Really really annoying?

Sure. But let's be real and remember that out on the road, there are lots worse things than being annoyed.

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