GAMBRILLS, Md. (WUSA) - Police in Anne Arundel County are making no apologies for a large marijuana and gun bust they announced ON Monday, even though some neighbors think officers may have gone too far.

"It's kind of ridiculous," said Kurt Spiess Jr. who was surprised by the heavy-handed SWAT-style tactics used to arrest his neighbor Nicholas V. Dominick during a raid on July 27.

Spiess says Dominick leads a quiet life with no signs of drug dealing or other trouble. Dominick has told neighbors and reporters that he was growing marijuana for medical use because he has neck pain and does not want to use addictive prescription pain killers. He has no previous criminal record, according to online Maryland court documents.

But police tell a much different story. They seized 46 mature marijuana plants worth $50,000 growing in Dominick's yard, along with an arsenal of 24 guns including an assault rifle. Police said some guns were loaded and they believe they were ready to be used to defend the house and the marijuana.

"That's a large amount of marijuana, too much for single consumption by one individual," said police Capt. Randy Jones, who believes this is Dominick's second season growing marijuana. Even so, Jones said police do not have direct evidence that Dominick has actually sold any of his crop.

Charges against Dominick include possession with the intent to distribute marijuana within a school zone, and manufacturing marijuana in a school zone. Dominick lives within 1000 feet of Arundel High School.

Police say they have no evidence that he was selling marijuana to students.

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