ASHBURN, Va. (WUSA) -- In the hip-hop world, is there a rapper who produces more sports lyrics than D.C.'s very own Wale? Several blogs have identified Wale's top 25 sports related lyrics -- well worth the read if you bump hip-hop in your car.

So it wasn't much of a surprise to see the celebrated rapper mingling with players, coaches, staff members and fans Monday afternoon at Redskins park.

Wale proclaimed he is brainstorming of a way to sneak RGIII into his next album, tentatively scheduled for December of 2012.

"Of course, you know I'm always good for that. I'm on a roll. I got Wall, Strasburg in a couple. Gotta' rep for the city man," said Wale.

Check out the rest of my interview with Wale, for his spot-on commentary of all things D.C. sports.


Q: Many would recognize you as THE pop culture icon of Washington D.C. Have you passed that baton to Robert Griffin III?

Wale: "I feel like he's already the pop culture icon here. I'm just a fan of the team, man. Maybe one day I will be an icon (laughs). Even though that word kind of freaks me out a little bit. But even if he wasn't drafted by the Redskins, he would be one of the people I want to see win."

Q: What were your very first impressions of RGIII?

Wale: "Humble. Humble guy man. You don't see that kind of humility in young athletes these days. You don't see that in anybody in entertainment these days, to be honest. He's making being humble dope again."

Q: I'm putting you on the spot. Rank your favorite D.C. sports teams in order.

Wale: Redskins, Wizards,....Capitals, Nationals. That was tough, man!

Q: Are you a fan of the word #Natitude. Is it too corny?

Wale: "I like it and I have no idea why. Maybe because we never had any positive D.C. word plays, for real. People have play on words for the Redskins, but it is usually all negative. I'm all for Natitude."

Q: Do you think the way Bryce Harper has started will raise the expectations from D.C. sports fans and how they judge RGIII?

Wale: "It's two different sports. In baseball, you only get four chances to make a play. Whereas in football you have 30, 40, 50 chances to do something bad. So RGIII has more chances to fail."

Q: Which athletes do you consider some of your best friends?

Wale: "John Wall -- I'm real good with John. Tracy McGrady is a good friend of mine. But locally, I'm pretty much cool with all of the guys. I show love. We bump into each other at social events."

Q: Pick one Redskin that's going to have a breakout season. Go.

Wale: "Roy Helu Jr. I got a hunch. I feel it. I just know the zone running scheme, there's something special brewing. He's one of those turn it up and go guys."

Q: Which NFC East team is going to be the toughest in 2012?

Wale: "It's such a competitive division, man. You have to give it to the Super Bowl champs. It's the G-Men's title to lose."

Q: I have to ask this question, because I'm a big fan. What is the latest on a mix tape with you and rapper J. Cole? I heard it was going to be called 200 miles and running?

Wale: "Me and J.Cole are real busy. We are like brothers, but like we're always so busy. Even when we see each other, we want to do more than what time allows us to do. We're both just going to keep compiling our records and see what happens."

Q: The Redskins will finish _____ this season?

Wale: "A successful season. I feel so bad putting numbers in the loss column, because we haven't played the game yet. A lot of wins and not that many losses."

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