WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A source in Texas has provided me with new information regarding Richard Hurd, Robert Griffin III's alleged extorter.

Tomorrow, July 25th, will mark 30 days since Hurd was arrested outside of a Waco store. According to my source, following an arrest with a federal warrant, a grand jury has 30 days to either indict the suspect or entirely drop the case.

As of today, no grand jury meeting has been scheduled in Waco. I've reached out to other locations in Texas (San Antonio and Dallas) and have yet to receive word back.

So what this basically means is that barring any last minute changes, Griffin's legal representatives will be dropping the case.

"Hurd's lawyer is just as much in the dark as we are," said my source. "He has no idea what's taking so long, but seems hopeful his client may walk free."

Maybe Griffin would rather have Hurd walk free than to have the court system reveal the information the alleged extorter had on him.

UPDATE II: "In certain cases the 30-day deadline can be pushed back. And in this particular case, the deadline has been pushed back. So, the matter is still under ligation."

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