BERLIN, GERMANY (WUSA) -- So apparently there are "Hipster Olympics": I know, I'm as shocked as you probably are.

The 2nd annual Hipster Olympics, which took place in Berlin, Germany on July 21, featured events like the "Horn-Rimmed Glasses Throw,' 'Skinny Jeans Tug-O-War,' 'Vinyl Record Spinning Contest' and 'Cloth Tote Sack Race".

In case you are unfamiliar with the term "hipster", Webster's online describes it as "a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (as in jazz or fashion)".

I find that definition to be fairly amusing, as well as fairly accurate.

I can't really figure out if the event is meant to celebrate or mock hipster culture, but I get the sense it's a little bit of both.

Whatever the purpose, the photos in this gallery, courtesy of Getty Images are pretty hilarious.

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