WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- My older brother and I have often been a fan of pranks. Even now as adults, when we go home to spend time with our parents we play mini tricks like dragging fake snakes through the living room to get a brief yelp from our mother and father. How mature, I know.

But these pranks that we play are petty ones, antics that we know won't produce more than a short funny reaction. We would never do something like this.

In a video that he published on his Youtube channel called "The Manny Channel", a man tries to trick his wife into thinking they are going to get run over by a truck.

"There's a truck getting towed, and it looks like it's coming at us and my wife's asleep," the man, presumably Manny says in the video. "We're going to see if we can scare her."

The ensuing prank is a pretty awful one. Take a look at it here:

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