WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Have you ever dated a very, very attractive older female? Like supermodel-esque? Neither have I.

But currently, that's exactly what the Washington Nationals baseball team is partaking in. Or at least trying to.

The pennant race (also known as the attractive female in this situation) is within sight for the Nats. You can't just quit on her. You have to pull out all the stops. For the Nats, this whole dating process is happening much more quickly than anticipated. If somehow the organization goes into a tailspin over the next few seasons -- a large possibility for a Washington D.C. team -- holding back their cards in 2012 will be remembered as a infamous act of treason.

1) A pennant race is an arms race

Figuratively and literally. Pitching wins championships and with Stephen Strasburg sidelined in October, the Nats likely won't reach the promise land -- or even get past second base with the "attractive pennant." If no trade is maneuvered by Mike Rizzo before the trade deadline, the general manager will be kicking himself if either Jordan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez or Edwin Jackson goes down with a serious injury. As good as Ross Detwiler has been as the fifth starter, relying on him during critical postseason games isn't doing the organization justice. Washington should be looking to trade for an extra arm.

The Nats need all the ammo -- funny jokes, new cologne, whitened teeth -- they can get. The team has the framework set, it's the little things (like one extra arm) are going to get the franchise to score a pennant.

2) When you have a young team, trading prospects is overrated

The following players are under 28-years-old and are locked into their position for seemingly the next four-to-six seasons: Bryce Harper (19, outfield), Danny Espinosa (25, infield), Ian Desmond (26, infield), Ryan Zimmerman (27, infield), and pitchers Stephen Strasburg (24), Gio Gonzalez (26), Jordan Zimmermann (26), Ross Detwiler (26), Tyler Clippard (27) and Drew Storen (24). The Nationals young core is as intact and rock-solid as anybody in Major League Baseball. A rising prospect would have to be phenomenal to uproot any of the players listed above.

As a young male, wouldn't you forgo some of your stashed away younger chicks who are blossoming in the college ranks for a chance to court a supermodel? If not, your love priorities are way out of whack.

3) Sometimes, it's just your year

Washington has won several games in walkoff fashion -- just when the other team throws a wild pitch. The supposed clumsy offensive attack has passed around the torch each month with a new leader -- Adam LaRoche, Bryce Harper, Ian Desmond and now Ryan Zimmerman. The usually dominant Phillies and pesky Marlins are down in the dumps, something which rarely coincides together.

In those rare but wonder occasions while courting an extremely attractive woman, you can just tell everything is going right. Flirting, laughter and eye contact are prevalent all throughout the date. At the end of the night, you have to be aggressive -- but not creepy -- and ensure there is either another date to come, or possibly a hangout sessions following the date.

The Nationals have reached the point of full on pursuit. The timing to make a move is right. They have suitable prospects to trade. Now it's up to Mike Rizzo to obtain that final arm and give Washington the best chance to win while they know they can.

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