WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- By now you are all aware of the heavy sanctions the NCAA levied on the Penn State football program Monday morning.

Many Nittany Lion players have remained mum, denying media requests. Luckily, Bhawoh Jue -- a former standout player at Chantilly High School -- wanted to voice his opinion on the matter.

Jue, now 33, was a Penn Stater from 1997-2001 and an eight-year retired NFL veteran, most notably with the Green Bay Packers. You can group Jue in the minority of PSU alumni who wholeheartedly agree with the penalties.

"It's what was right. We have people that were trusted that had a lot ofpower and influence at our university, that essentially decided to lookthe other way," Jue said at length over a phone interview. "What they were protecting? I'm not sure. But it's evidentthat they looked the other way."

Back in 1997 when Jue committed to Penn State, his foremost reason was Joe Paterno. Now, Jue agrees, his legacy is forever destroyed.

"At the end of the day, he was the reason why I went to Penn State. Heheld us to such a high standard -- I mean a ridiculously high standard.You would expect someone who held us to such a high standard, to live bythat standard himself. For me, he failed us all," Jue said.

The new head coach at Penn State, Bill O'Brien, will have the hardest job going forward: how in the world can he convince his current players and incoming recruits to stay in Happy Valley? If Jue was currently a Nittany Lion, he doesn't think he would stay.

"That would be a decision I would sit down and make with my parents. Ican't tell you that they would've allowed me to go to Penn State," said the cornerback. "To have that kind of behavior going on, I don't think [my parents] would havebeen able to trust the school, trust the administration and allow me togo into that type of environment. There's just so much uncertainty."

Lost in Monday's sanctions were the actual villain himself: Jerry Sandusky. Jue recalled his defensive coordinator as being "brilliant at designing defenses and putting people in the right place." But the third round NFL draft pick always thought something was a little off.

"In terms of social skills, he was awkward. He was running a non-profitthat was catered towards young kids. There were kids all around, all thetime. For me, it wasn't something that I was thinking about," spoke Jue.

"Let's be honest, I'm 20-years-old, chasing girls and having fun. I'm notworried about what Jerry Sandusky is doing," Jue said, thinking back to last decade in his time with the now notorious sex offender. "Today, being 33-years-old,looking back on it, there were subtle signs."

On Monday, Facebook and Twitter were flooded with messages from people who were in disbelief at the severity of the punishment handed down by the NCAA. To those online pot-stirrers, Jue has a message: quiet down.

"The fact that the entire university has to pay for it? It sucks. But I mean, what else is there?"

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