WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The summer of 2012 has been scorching hot. The heat at times has been practically unbearable. In Monday's Extra Mile report, there is one advantage to the rays emitting from the sun these days: free energy for electric vehicles.

If you drive along Route 355 in Bethesda, you may have noticed tall, futuristic looking panels high in the sky along the road. They're called solar car chargers, giving electric vehicle owners a way to refuel cars with clean energy. They're the first solar car charger panels in the world that actually tracks the sun, and save energy at night. Rob Lundahl, VP of the Maryland based manufacturer Advanced Technology and Research says it's a way for businesses to attract the greenest consumers.
You'll be seeing more of those high-tech solar car chargers in our area soon, especially around businesses that want to attract EV drivers. But currently less than 3% of the population is using an EV, and President Obama's goal of getting 1 million electric vehicles on the roads by 2015 doesn't look promising. It may have to be the price of gas that will convince people to make the switch to Electric Vehicles.

Find out more about the charging station in the video report above.

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