WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- These questions have been bothering me and needs to be pondered. Let's discuss @Mr_KevinJones

1) What is Bryce Harper's long term position?

Harper has started 30 of his 60 games in center field, 23 games in right and just 6 in left. It's great that he's this valuable in the field, but it will help make the Nats roster a clearer picture if the team can narrow down a home for the rookie sensation.

A lot of this has to do with whether the Nationals bring back Adam LaRoche -- something that is looking less and less likely as the season drags on. If LaRoche departs after this season, the Nats more than likely will move Michael Morse to first base and try and bring in a speedy outfielder who can hit leadoff.

Some free agent names that come to mind: Grady Sizemore, Michael Bourn and Delmon Young. Upon Jayson Werth's arrival, I'd expect Harper to stick in center.

2) How much should each Redskins running back carry the football?

Roy Helu Jr: 55 percent

Tim Hightower: 25 percent

Evan Royster: 20 percent

Helu should be the featured back. Hightower should be the short yardage back. And Royster should get some plays on third down. Hightower just never really impressed me last season (five games, 3.8 yards per carry), while Helu showed potential that he may one day be a pro bowler.

3) On second thought, how happy are you with the Wizards trade?

Would you rather have Trevor Ariza for two-years and $15 million or Nicolas Batum for four-years and $46 million, like the Minnesota Timberwolves just offered him? Would you rather commit a ton of money and years to Chris Kaman, or rent Emeka Okafor for two years?

The NBA free agency is the biggest crap shoot in all of sports. Cheers to Ernie Grunfeld for realizing he could get decent talent to surround John Wall with, at a discounted price.

4) Can you start to feel the Nats Town affect yet?

A few months ago, I boldly said that one day the Capitals will take a back seat to the Nationals in this town. Harper's arrival has catapulted this effort, and a deep playoff run -- along with another Caps disappointment -- could put these teams neck and neck by 2013. Just saying.

5) Is Bryce Harper putting more pressure on RGIII?

Absolutely. While baseball is much more of an individualistic sport, and quarterback is quite possibly the most imperative job in all of life, people are going to judge Griffin if he isn't a sensation right away. If the Redskins start 2-5 and RGIII has more interceptions than touchdowns, there will be some angst among D.C. sports fans.

Of course the comparison isn't fair, but most criticism hurled on athletes isn't fair.

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