WALDORF, Md. (WUSA) -- Patricia and LeRoy McGee have struggled for two days, trying to decide how to tell their 36-year-old daughter Marquetta that Marquetta's seven-year-old daughter Janae had been killed in the car accident Sunday that sent Marquetta to a hospital in Prince George's County.

Tuesday evening, that struggle was resolved with the unexpected news from Marquetta's doctors that she had suffered a massive stroke and slipped into a coma. There is nothing left for doctors to do except extend visiting hours for the family before a seemingly inevitable end.

Police say alcohol was involved in that Sunday accident; the driver of an SUV having crossed the median strip on Route 210 before striking Marquetta's car.

"You know what I always say? God makes the decision. Some people tell me it was her time. As far as my granddaughter, No! I disagree with that. The guy out there who took my baby, my grandbaby, that was his fault because he shouldn't have been driving drunk," said Marquetta's mother Patricia McGee.

"They walk away and we have to bury our children and our grandchildren," she said.

Patricia and LeRoy McGee moved into their new home here in March. Marquetta and Janae moved in, too. That was the idea.

"The whole house is dedicated to Janae. She has a playroom, a bedroom, and plus she sleeps with her mom," said LeRoy McGee, as family members chuckled at the reminder.

"Jenae was full of life, she was very outgoing. She went outside. She knew everyone in the cul de sac," Patricia told 9News Now.
Nieghbors learned to trust Jenae with the dog walking duties she nearly begged to perform.

Marquetta worked from her new home, allowing her to keep a careful eye on Janae. LeRoy called his daughter a terrific mother.

"No problems at all. Right through school, right through work, never missed a day, no drinking, no smoking. She was really about her job, being a mother," he told 9News Now.

"I'm so proud of her today, as well as my little granddaughter. I feel so sorry for her," Leroy said as he fought tears.

"This is like a double whammy for me. My grandbaby, and I had to go yesterday to view her body and that was very hard. It was like she was just laying up there sleeping and now Marquetta is not doing good, so this is very hard," Patricia said.

The suspected drinking driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries and has not been charged as police continue their investigation.

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