CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WUSA) Students and faculty fighting for the reinstatement of UVA president Teresa Sullivan have won a potentially huge victory. The Board of Visitors has just announced a surprise meeting on Tuesday to reconsider Sullivan's contract.

Sources say the Board members would not have asked for the meeting unless they had enough votes to reinstate her.

It takes just three members to call a meeting. It would take eight votes to rescind her forced resignation. For days now, board members with second thoughts on her ouster have been counting heads. They were close to eight votes during the trurbulent all night Monday into Tuesday meeting when they picked a replacement interim President.

Deans and professors who went to U Va. wrote a letter that Sullivan's ouster was an affront to academic integrity and U Va.'s national reputation.

And the American Association of University Professors launches an investigation.

Students and faculty who support Sullivan are still planning a big rally Sunday on the lawn in advance of Tuesday's Board of Visitors meeting at 3 p.m.

Reported and written by Bruce Leshan, WUSA9 & WUSA9.com

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