WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- There are more unwritten rules in baseball then there are in dating a high-maintenance female.

Apparently one of those rules is don't tattletale on a former teammate who is cheating.

In the bottom of the eighth inning of last night's game between the Nats and the Rays, Washington manager Davey Johnson strolled out to the mound, confronting the umpires about Joel Peralta's glove.

Somebody in the dugout -- who will remain nameless, just like the Strasburg hot stuff incident -- tipped off Johnson that Peralta, a National in 2010, uses an excessive amount of pine tar in his glove.

The umpires immediately confiscated the glove, tossed Peralta, and enraged the normally calm Tampa manager Joe Maddon. (See a tweet below referring to female genitalia).

While I do think Maddon overreacted on purpose, to try and ignite his ballclub, the Nationals are in the wrong here. It's not like Peralta is some unhittable reliever like Mariano Rivera. Pine tar or not, the Nats should be able to get base knocks off of a guy like him -- especially a player they let go.

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