WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Scott Giacoppo is not objective about pit bulls. The vice president of the Washington Humane Society, Giacoppo believes the dogs have gotten a very bad rap over the years. But even though he's not entirely objective, he is extremely knowledgeable about the breed, so Giacoppo seemed like a good person to play "Pit Bull: Fact or Fiction?"

First statement: Pit bulls are inherently dangerous, as the Maryland Court of Appeals recently labeled them.

"Fiction," Giacoppo said. "It's all in the upbringing, the socialization, and how their owners are."

Next: Pit bulls have locking jaws that make it virtually impossible to separate a pit bull from people or animals they bite.

"That's fiction. There's no scientific data to back that up. They've actually studied it and found that the pit bull skull is no different than any other dog. There's no locking mechanism," Giacoppo insisted.

How about, pit bulls are unpredictable and more likely to bite people than other dogs.

"That is also fiction. They are not unpredictable. In fact, any dog, before they do bite, gives warning signs," Giacoppo claimed.

And finally, pit bulls are good with children.

"That's fact. They were once considered the nanny dog, where people would leave their infants alone with pit bulls. And then you look at 'The Little Rascals.' Petey was a pit bull and he never attacked Alfalfa or any of the Little Rascals," Giacoppo said with a smile.

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