STAFFORD, VA (WUSA) -- The last of three teenager suspects who allegedly invaded a home here early Tuesday morning has turned himself in.

The teenagers allegedly broke into a house in Widewater Village and held a husband and wife at knifepoint for an hour. Fearing for his life and his wife's life, the husband stabbed two of the teens, and they all fled.

The husband says he knew he had to do something after the drug-addled teenagers suggested they were going to tie up the couple and set their home afire with them inside.

He says the teens kept talking about being high on drugs and told the middle aged couple they were "ruining their high," even as they beat them with fists and a club.

Fifteen-year-old Kayla Mandell helped the couple after they escaped. "All of a sudden we hear this screaming outside... These people were at our front door and they were bleeding, their faces were bleeding. The guy had his hand wrapped, bleeding."

The victims hadrun two doors down to plead for help fromKayla and her friendsafter escaping the three teens who allegedly broke into their home, beat them, held them at knifepoint and ransacked their home for valuables at two in the morning.

Police say the teens restrained the wife and assaulted the husband for over an hour. "While he's being taken around the house, he's being assaulted," says Stafford County Sheriff's spokesman Bill Kennedy."He was hit in the head, There was a club involved. Also a knife."

The husband finally grabbed a kitchen knife and fought back, stabbing two of the teens. Police picked up one of them in the neighborhood. They arrested the second after his mom brought him to the hospital. The third, 18-year-old Terry Welch, finally turned himself in.

"It's really comforting. I'm happy they were caught," says Kayla.

The attack comes just a month after a similar home invasion in the same neighborhood. Police are trying to determine if the same group committed both crimes -- and possibly more.

Written and Reported by Bruce Leshan
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