WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Andre Hawthorne knows a little bit about dangerous dogs. He fought off two of them back in April after the dogs started attacking several children in Andre's northeast Washington neighborhood.

The dogs were eventually found and euthanized, while Andre is still recovering from his injuries and talking about the need for stricter regulation of certain breeds of dogs.

A recent Maryland Court of Appeals ruling labeled pit bulls "inherently dangerous", a ruling that would make it easier for victims of pit bull attacks to sue the dogs' owners. A 10-person task force of the Maryland legislature will start reviewing the ruling on Tuesday and, perhaps, even consider legislation to block it, which Andre Hawthorne thinks would be a very bad idea.

"Owners should be held liable as if the owner had attacked the person," Hawthorne said.

Scott Giacoppo has a much different opinion. The vice president of the Humane Society of Washington, Giacoppo says vicious dogs are usually the result of bad dog owners. What's more, he's certain that pit bulls are not inherently dangerous and that, for a number of reasons, they should not be labeled as such.

"I know pit bulls that take care of orphaned kittens and that are scared of other dogs," Giacoppo said.

The task force will hear from 25 witnesses, including dog owners and advocates, before making a recommendation.

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