WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Outside of James Harden, it's been quite a few years since the NBA Draft has produced a superstar shooting guard.

In fact, shooting guards are an aging position in the NBA. Take a look at the list of two guards who finished in the top 12 in player efficiency rankings (PER).

1) Dwayne Wade, 30-years-old

2) Manu Ginobili, 34-years-old

3) Kobe Bryant, 33-years-old

4) James Harden, 22-years-old

5) Joe Johnson, 30-years-old

6) Monta Ellis, 26-years-old

7) Marcus Thornton, 25-years-old

8) Kevin Martin, 29-years-old

9) Jason Terry, 34-years-old

10) Jamal Crawford, 32-years-old

11) George Hill, 26-years-old

12) Tony Allen, 30-years-old


Obviously the injured Eric Gordon, 23, is excluded from this list. Fast forward to the 2016 Olympics. Unless for some odd reason Beal doesn't pan out as expected, he will probably be one of the -- if not the -- best American shooting guard in a few years. The evidence is pretty clear: top-notch shooting guards have been scarce over the last few years.

The way I look at this year's draft for Washington is simple: Which player will take a burden off of John Wall?

To me, it's clearly Beal. The spacing he will provide will free up the lane for Wall's speedy floaters. Beal could also solve the late game struggles we frequently saw in 2011-2012 too.

Finding a stopgap two-guard is not what's best for the long term future for the Wizards.

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