WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - New information on a vicious dog attack in Northeast Washington on Tuesday.

The 74-year-old victim is still in the hospital.
And neighbors tell 9News Now the two dogs had been terrorizing that River Terrace neighborhood for months. It turns out that these Towing Pro guard dogs were on Animal Control's radar.

In fact, they were called out here twice last year when the dogs got out.
But both times, Animal Control Officers did nothing because they didn't see the violation take place.
That's what it takes to impound a dog in DC - unless there's a bite.

What do you need to do if there is a dangerous dog in your neighborhood?

Leroy Miles says the same two dogs that attacked his friend yesterday turned on him about two-months ago.

He said, "Man, my heart was like - boom, boom, boom - I thought I was going to get bit"

He confronted the dogs' owners at Towing Pro, but he never officially reported it to DC Police or Animal Control.

He said, "After I saw what I saw yesterday trying to help my neighbor, yeah I should have reported it"

So why didn't he? He says he used to call Animal Control all the time about a different dog, but got discouraged when they did nothing.

He said, "They probably wouldn't have laughed or brushed me off too. "
Molly Lunaris who works for DC's Dept. of Health said, "We understand that it can get really frustrating for the public to have to call and report these things over and over and over."

DC's Dept. of Health is the agency that oversees the city's animal control. Molly Lunaris says persistence is key.

She said, "Every time you see a dog loose, call animal control, call police, report it. Because on day one, we might be all the way across town and not able to get there before the dog goes home. But the next day, we could be right around the corner and be able to get in there and pick the dog up."

She said there are only eight Animal Control officers for all of DC.
It takes time for them to respond to a report.

Molly Lunaris said, "Animal control can only impound dogs if they capture them off the owner's property and the police can only issue citations if they witness the violation."

It's a lesson Leroy says he's learned the hard way.

He said, "I'm going to make a report. As of today, I'm going to make one. Because it could haves been a kid yesterday."

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