WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- I try to be as many places as possible, but today I was late to the Thomas Robinson party at the Verizon Center. From the looks of it, the local media seemed to adore him. Make sure you check out the full coverage at

Robinson was kind enough to grant me a few minutes of his time. Here are the highlights of the interview.

KJ: The Wizards, more than anything, need someone who can score 20-points a night. Is that who you are going to be in the NBA?

T-Rob: "I think so. I think I can get [10 points] off of just playing hard every night. Me working on improving my skill set, you know, I should definitely end up with [20]."

KJ: Do you see yourself shooting more outside shots in the NBA or less than you did in college?

T-Rob: "I'd probably say more, just because it's a longer game. There's a lot more spacing. No three's though (laughs). I'm a basketball player, not a three-point shooter or a midrange shooter. I'm just going to go out and play."

KJ: How much do you know about the power forwards here, Trevor Booker and Kevin Seraphin?

T-Rob: "I followed their college careers a lot. As far as NBA-wise, you know, I followed those guys just a little bit. I know they are good players."

KJ: Anthony Davis, MKG, Bradley Beal...They are all freshman. You were on the bench as a freshman. Did that hurt you? Help you?

T-Rob: "I think it helped. Because I got to mature, you know mentally. I think it helped."



*I could tell Robinson was perturbed by my last question. He sat behind Cole Aldrich his freshman year and the Morris twins his sophomore year -- all players who have yet to prove anything in the NBA. I just wonder why Robinson couldn't shine over those guys if he is as talented as advertised. I get that guys grow as basketball players, but two years of being a role player in college isn't what I expect out of most superstars.

*Robinson didn't tower over me, and honestly felt shorter than Chris Singleton -- who Draft Express has listed at 6-foot-9 with shoes. Robinson is listed as 6'8.75". I know his strength and motor make up for his lack of ideal height, but it could pose matchup problems. Against length -- Kentucky, Duke -- Robinson wasn't his best. Just something to think about.

*Robinson indicated his favorite Wizard growing up was Gilbert Arenas.

*Nearly two months ago I penned an article saying the Wizards should stay away from Robinson. I still stand by that position. I don't think his outside touch is consistent enough to produce anything close to 20 points per game. Often times playing in your hometown can be hectic and distracting. People always pestering you for tickets. Many media members stayed after to badger Robinson about if he had extra time for them. Just another thought.