WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The New York Post's Joel Sherman is a highly respected baseball columnist. Yesterday he caught up with Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo on the telephone.

Surprisingly, the topic wasn't Bryce Harper, or the Nationals (37-23) current surge in the NL East standings.

Nope, Sherman wanted to talk Stephen Strasburg and the infamous innings shutdown.

Sherman made it seem like he duped Rizzo into an interview the man behind the Nats didn't sign up for. Just read these excerpts.

"Joel, you are killing me. This is the last time I am discussing this with any member of the media. It is well-chronicled. It is not changing."

"To ask [Strasburg] to throw 200 innings now, that is not a prudent way to do business with a 23-year-old, top-of-the-rotation starter we plan to have for a long time," Rizzo said. "[Shutting him down] is going to be painful, and we are going to take grief. But I will not shy away from it. I am the caretaker of this organization for the long haul."

Rizzo is going to lose sleep over this, that is unless the Nationals can somehow sustain their current play of whipping up on American League pitching. As Dan Steinburg pointed out, right now the Nats are on pace for 100 wins this season.

If Washington is still at least 10 games over .500 heading into late August, this Strasburg decision won't be as painful as originally planned. But until then, don't be surprised to hear about Rizzo suffering from migraine headaches.

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