WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- When will he cool down?

With Tuesday's moon blast home run -- MLB.com video below -- Bryce Harpernow has seven during his rookie season, good for third place on the Nats. IanDesmond boasts eight in 59 games; Adam LaRoche with 11 in 56 games. Bam-Bam hasplayed in just 40. Oh yeah, he's also now hitting .307 from the dish.

Washington (37-23) is 13-6 in their last 19 games, and Harper is showing why he's the team's most valuable player. Over that span he's hitting .361, with five homers. He's scored a run in each game of the Nats current five-game winning streak.

One slight problem? Harper has just 19 RBI's, compared to his 30 runsscored. If this power surge continues, and Danny Espinosa continues to thriveat the plate (hitting .276 in June), Harper may have to slide down in thelineup to create more RBI opportunities. And in turn Espinosa could bat second.Just a thought.

Don't fool yourself if your containing your enthusiasm for Bryce during hisrookie season. The Harper obsession is becoming a national phenomenon. If he'ssomehow omitted from the all-star game, MLB commissioner Bud Selig may have tointervene.

After all, it's in the National League's best interest to have the mosttalented players on their roster, right?

I know I'm getting way ahead of myself, but if the Nats somehow make apennant run, and the American League won the All-Star game without having todeal with Harper, I'd throw a Mike Rizzo-like fit about why he was left out.

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