Washington, DC (WUSA)- Seafood lovers should not eat shellfish imported from South Korea, Maryland state health officials said Monday.

A health advisory, released by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, have expanded a ban on shellfish to include any fresh, frozen, and processed products.

Molluscan shellfish harvested from Korean waters may have been exposed to human fecal waste, food safety regulators said, and could also be linked to Norovirus.

The advisory refers to frozen products made with shellfish in the last two years and canned molluscan shellfish produced in the last three years.

Products include clams, mussels, oysters and roe-on scallops. But seafood lovers can still get their hands on crabs and shrimp from Maryland, because they aren't part of the advisory.

Although, the FDA can't regulate retailers and their suppliers, it can remove contaminated products from the shelves. The agency has recommended that retailers stop selling the banned shellfish.

There's only a small number of Korean molluscan shellfish sold in this country, and no recent cases of illness from eating that product this year, according to the FDA.

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