WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- On Monday afternoon, Nats stud pitcher Gio Gonzalez took to Twitter to try and find a date for a team function Saturday evening. SB Nation has all the details.

I rummaged around Gonzalez's @ mentions on Twitter. Here were some of my favorite responses from the interested patrons.

@GioGonzalez47 I would go, but you're a MIAMI HEAT fan...maybe ask Lebron? He's a girl...- diana (@ddazzlin) June 11, 2012
So your saying there is a chance...? RT @GioGonzalez47: Must be 21 or older, please.- Lydia Chavez (@LydiaChavez) June 11, 2012
Take Bryce Harper. RT @GioGonzalez47: Hey I need a date for the gala on Saturday night, an sexy single ladies interested.....- Scott Bayne (@SB2342) June 11, 2012
Sorry @GioGonzalez47 my followers infrom me that while I do act like a lady, I am, sadly, not sexy... I didn't mean to break your heart.- Dirk Hayhurst (@TheGarfoose) June 11, 2012
How many nudey DMs do you think @Giogonzalez47 got today?- Zach(@ZacHAttach7) June 11, 2012
@GioGonzalez47 I'm interested. I'm not sexy, single, or a lady but I make a damn good wingman.- Killboy (@The_Killboy) June 11, 2012
@GioGonzalez47 i wanna frame your smile on my wall gio, let me know you're favorite color so i can pick out my dress ;) :) (pwease)- YMS (@yvonison) June 11, 2012
@GioGonzalez47 my wife said she is available. I am OK with that.- Dennis Hurst (@dennishurst911) June 11, 2012
#Nats camaraderie quite apparent as teammates of @GioGonzalez47 have rushed to twitter world trying to help him get date for Saturday night- Bob Poogach (@Raprasrav) June 11, 2012
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