WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)--The man accused of intentionally driving a stolen car into a Northwest Washington office building was formally charged with assault with the intent to kill while armed and arson.

Police say Charles Morrell Ball of New Market, Maryland doused himself and the car with gasoline before plowing into the Connecticut Avenue building.

Monday afternoon, Charles Morrell Ball shuffled into the courtroom in a white jumpsuit, his wrists and ankles shackled. The charging documents in his case reveal a bizarre story of a man with a troubled history.

Thirty-twoyear-old Charles Morrell Ball told police his family was in danger and the Frederick County authorities wouldn't do anything to help. After plowing through the glass of an office building at 1050 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Ball told the Metropolitan Police officers on the scene, "I want to speak to the FBI. I did this to get their attention."

Charging documents reveal that Ball had doused the stolen Jeep and himself with gasoline, before reaching into his pocket for a lighter. As he flicked the lighter, police snatched it away before he could ignite anything.

As office workers returned to their damaged building today, another unusual piece of information emerged. When police contacted the owner of the stolen Jeep, she told them Bell had left her a voice mail message saying, "He was going to make people pay for their actions and (said) there will be bloodshed."

That woman, who has the same address as Ball, had filed a domestic violence order against him just hours before the crash.

Investigators believe Ball selected a highly populated target during peak hours.

1050 Connecticut Avenue Northwest is close to a busy Metro stop, has 12 floors including a restaurant and is the former office of the Secret Service.

Ball has a lengthy criminal history, including a spot on Maryland's sex offender registry. He'll be back in court on June 28th.

Written by Andrea McCarren


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