WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- I'm glad John Wall is having fun.

No, I really am. Wall probably smiled less than 20 times during the 66-game shortened season as the Wizards offense saw stunted growth. Falling below heavily placed expectations will take it's toll on anyone, especially a 21-year-old kid.

With that being said, I'm not sure if hanging with rappers who brag about being "gangsters" is the image I would want to display during the most critical offseason of my career. Famous basketball writer Bill Simmons has accurately written that most NBA players stop growing after their third season; they become who they are.

The Game, Kid Red and Young Lo were the only rappers I recognized through Wall's tweets and Instagram photos this weekend.

It's just hard to imagine the Wizards point guard being well-behaved next to men who champion partying and drugs. The captions of this photo from Kid Red is "Golden Showers."

I don't mean to overreact on this issue, because plenty of NBA players hang out with rappers. Just thought I would point it out.

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