WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Swimsuit season is dreaded by most, but Self Magazine is announcing their annual2012 Healthy Food Awardswinners in to help you stay healthy and fit this summer. You can find these winners in the June issue of the magazine.

Local expert and Lifestyle Blogger Fadra Nally knows that eating healthy can be expensive, but now, with new healthy trends and products, it doesn't have to break the bank. She says, "What we really want is foods that tastes good and makes us feel good and hopefully keeps us in shape for the summer."

One of the winners is "Hint Water," an all-natural flavored water. Nally says, "It's not flavored with anything sugar or anything artificial, it's all natural essence in fruit flavors."

Most bagels are calorie packed, but "Thomas'" now makes 100 percent whole wheat bagels. Nally says these bagels "have about a third of the calories that most bagels do."

For lunchtime, you can forget about peanut butters with a long list of additives. "Smucker's" natural peanut butter only has one ingredient: peanuts!

Some carbs leave you feeling sluggish and bloated, but not this new pasta. "Trader Joe's" whole wheat pasta is packed with healthier carbs and lots of fiber. Nally says it can make you feel full without slowing you down.

Finally, for dessert, "JELL-O's" fat-free 100 calorie pudding pack lets you enjoy the taste of chocolate, guilt free. In addition, Nally reminds us that "if you are thinking about kids, it's a great source of calcium."

So if you're looking for some healthy and tasty snacks this summer, the winners of the2012 Healthy Food Awards should be at the top of your grocery list!

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