WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Was it two years ago that I said I didn't care much for baseball, said it was tough to be a fan when you grew up in a place without a Big League team, and where the Redskins get all the love?
Well, apparently all it takes to douse the cynicism is a a bit of 'win-icism"

I found myself at a Nats game one month ago. Someone invited me, and frankly I went just to be polite.

But thing was, it was that home series against the hated Philadelphia Phillies. ou know..take back the park? And something about all those enemy jerseys in our stadium, and I got all, we must protect this house!!

Next thing I knew, I was talking trash to Phillies fans. That's right: Go back up I-95!! Nats won big, and I'm hoarse from screaming. If you didn't know better, you'd have mistaken me for someone who actually cared.

I mean baseball is still boring, right? Just because we get to watch some guys named Strasburg..Gonzalez...Harper and Zimmerman..and a team in first place in June. That hasn't changed, has it?

Look, all I know is the Post summertime sports page just got a bit more interesting. I probably won't wait for an invitation to get back out to Nationals Park. And maybe it's never too late to begin to understand and appreciate a sport folks in other towns - like Philadelphia - take for granted.

For me learning to love the Washington Nationals almost qualifies as a sports miracle. But let's be real: it's not. A miracle would be learning to fall in love all over again with the Washington Wizards.

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