WASHINGTON, D.C. - Melissa Weiss asked on Friday, "Who steals a wheel chair? What do you need it for?"

Weiss, who has cerebral palsy and can barely walk, couldn't believe somebody would steal her expensive, motorized wheelchair that she kept right outside her basement apartment. While the theft upset her, it made her husband Paul furious.

"It's more than a chair," he said. "Why would you steal from a handicapped person? It doesn't make sense. There's no reason to steal a wheelchair. This is a violent assault."

He wrote to 9News Now about it, and we aired the story Friday night at 11. Stephanie Somers of Sterling is a regular 9 News viewer. .When she saw Melissa, she knew she could help.

Stephanie said, "It was sitting here waiting for her."

Somers has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was a kid. A few years ago, she upgraded this new chair which gives her more lift. She tried to find somebody to give her old motorized wheelchair to, but she couldn't. So she kept it, and waited for a sign.

Somers told us, "I said, OK, God, when you need somebody to give it to, it's ready to go."

Somers sent an email to me. And I sent it on to the Weisses, who are thrilled...

Melissa said, "It restores my faith in humanity."

Melissa's new chair is just like her stolen one. Only better. Because it has a seat lift. They'll get it as soon as Somers can get new batteries for it.

Melissa said, "I can't express gratitude."

Somers said, "There are opportunities to do bad, and many more to do good. Why not do it?"

The Weisses plan to rent a Zip car to drive out to Sterling where they will pick up the chair and thank Stephanie Somers for her kindness.

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