WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Your paycheck information, or that of your neighbor's, is likely on a new database that went public Tuesday morning.

It opens the curtain on the personal payroll of over one million federal workers.

We found some workers averaged bonuses as much as ten times higher than workers at other federal agencies.

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Link: GSA's unreported bonuses and payouts to five Las Vegas scandal officials

Link: Osama bin Laden tracker awarded: Click here to see what he and other workers did that brought them bonuses up to $63,000.

Link: Congressional hearing possible: Click here for an update on $62,895 individual bonuses and potential hearing.

Link: Federal worker anger: Click here to see story of federal worker concerns that database is invasion of privacy.

Link: Asbury Park Press coverage: Click here for story from newspaper that designed database showing $439 Million in bonuses paid to federal workers.

Link: database: Click here to access the 2011 payroll information.

The data, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act placed with the Office of Personnel Management by a WUSA9/Gannett sister publication, The Asbury Park Press, allows you to enter a federal worker's name to obtain salary and bonus information. estimates the databank covers about 70% of federal workers, but Department of Defense, White House, Congress, CIA, FBI, and some other agencies are excluded.

Before the system went online,9NEWS Now's investigative reporter, Russ Ptacek, tested it by searching Veterans Affairs Secretary, Eric Shinseki.

In a split second, the database returned his $199,700 earnings in 2011.

You can also search by agency.

Our search identified a Department of Agriculture employee who earned over $179,000 as a base salary and a $62,895 bonus.

According to documents obtained by WUSA9, the USDA awardee iscredited with getting the first pandemic H1N1 vaccine approved in 2009for livestock.

Administration officials will not confirm the validity of thedocuments provided by the Senior Executives Association, whichrepresents its high ranking government official membership.

In a nomination that yielded the USDA official a Presidential Rank Award, the SEA documents credit the veterinarian with preserving the market for American hog farmers.

Our review identified 16 workers from various agencies with $62,895 bonuses which a White House official said were awarded to .01% of federal employees under a presidential program recognizing excellence.

Our anlaysis identified more than a hundred federal workers with bonuses in excess of $40,000

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US Dept. of Agriculture issues statement on $62,895 service bonus.

"(He) is the federal government's top veterinarian and recently was awarded a Presidential Distinguished Rank award, the highest civil service career award given to federal career employees. You can learn more about the award here and here"

"Each year, the President recognizes and celebrates a small group of career Senior Executives and senior career employees with the Presidential Rank Award. Recipients of this prestigious award are strong leaders, professionals, and scientists who achieve results and consistently demonstrate strength, integrity, industry and a relentless commitment to excellence in public service."

"There are two categories of rank awards: Distinguished and Meritorious. Award winners are chosen through a rigorous selection process. They are nominated by their agency heads, evaluated by boards comprised of private citizens, and approved by the President. The evaluation criteria focus on leadership and results.'

"Distinguished Rank recipients receive a lump-sum payment of 35 percent of their rate of annual basic pay; Meritorious Rank recipients receive 20 percent of their rate of annual basic pay. All recipients receive a framed certificate signed by the President. As per OPM, each respective federal agency pays for their executives' rank awards, and agencies are expected to plan for awards as part of executive compensation each year."

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