If you are thinking of buying Mom a car for Mother's Day, there's some new research out that shows which cars are the most popular with Moms. And you can negotiate some pretty deep discounts on these vehicles. Truecar.com came out with the report.

Here are the ranking.
1: Honda CR-V
2: Nissan Altima
3: Honda Odyssey
4: Subaru Outback
5: Honda Pilot
6: Volkswagen Jetta
7. Nissan Rogue
8. Honda Accord
9. Honda Civic
10. Nissan Sentra

Honda dealerships might be a good stop with half of the cars in the top five. Nissan has three vehicles in the top 10.
Odyssey ranked the highest among moms with two or more kids.

You also want to consider price. These are the cars that were sold with the biggest negotiated discount. The Honda Odyssey had an average discount of $2,453. But it also had the second highest pricetag at $37,855. The Honda Pilot was next with and average of $1,916 off the MSRP. The average discount on the Honda Accord was $1,773. The smallest discount, $261 off the Nissan Sentra.

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