ROCK HALL, MARYLAND (WUSA)--When so many of us hear about a drunk driving crash and the innocent victims, we shake our heads and soon put it out of our minds.

9 Wants You To Know about one family's story that you may not forget so easily.

It unfolds at a cemetery in Rock Hall, Maryland, where every week, 10 year-old Olivia reads a story to her little sister.

She reads at her gravesite, because 4 year-old Emma is gone.

"I was driving and I'm the only one that lived," says Emma's mother, Jennifer Edwards. "Why me? Why not Emma so she could live her whole life?"

A drunk driver ended Emma's life just as the happy little girl was discovering what she loved-dance, horses, butterflies and the color blue.

"Those are real," says Jennifer, pointing to crash photos projected onto a screen. "Those are real pictures. And if I could have handled it, I probably would have taken pictures at the funeral so you could see that too."

We learned Emma's story through her mother, Jennifer, who spoke to teenagers trying to turn their lives around through the RESET program. She confessed her darkest moments of grief.

"Begging God to give her back to me for ten minutes," she said, her voice breaking. "I just want her back."

The sisters spend their birthdays together, too.

"Every year, Olivia makes a cake, and she goes to the grave. And she has birthday cake with her sister. At the grave," she said, her voice trailing off.

Jennifer lost her daughter -and- her fiancé, Brian, that terrible evening.

"I watched them take Emma's lifeless body from the vehicle. Her long blonde hair just flapping over someone's arm," saidPatty Williams, a close family friend and emergency room nurse, was among the first on the crash scene.

Brian was in the front passenger seat. Emma, strapped into her car seat, right behind him.

Added Patty, "I then turned and watched them take Brian's lifeless body from the vehicle. Jen said that he had made a gurgling sound."

Jen was the only survivor of the crash.

"I heard the sound that no one should ever have to hear: the cry of a mother saying 'help my baby, help my baby,'" said Patty.

Emma fought for her life for eight hours.

"They opened Emma's body while she was in the emergency room to try to stop the bleeding that was in her abdomen. She had multiple injuries. She had broken her neck, she had broken her pelvis," said Patty.

Today, a pink cross marks the crash scene. The young drunk driver who killed Emma died instantly. Just two weeks before, he'd been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Had he survived this crash, it would have been the 3rd DUI in his 24 years.

Jennifer is pregnant now, due in early July. It's her first child since Emma's death. And it's a girl.

"Alright Emma, we'll be back in a couple of days," said Jen, kissing her own hand and then rubbing it on Emma's grave. "See you again."

Written by Andrea McCarren


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