WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- An NFL Star's teenage brother was charged in the murder of a tourist from Denver, police said.

Nineteen-year-oldMichael Davis has been charged with first degree murder for the incident that happened on the 800 block of Emerson Street, on Tuesday, April 24.


Davis is accused of bludgeoning 66 year-old tourist Gary Dederichs, with some kind of object, believed to be a claw hammer, police said.

Davis has been connected to and charged with other hammer attacks in a 10 block radius of the Dederichs incident.

He was chased down by police officers on the 800 block of Illinois Avenue, after he allegedly attacked a 19-year-old woman in the Petworth area of DC.

Davis is the brother of superstar NFL tight-end Vernon Davis, who flew back to DC the night he heard of the initial charges and accusations against his younger sibling.

Another Davis brother, Vontae, plays for the Miami Dolphins.

The night he was caught by police, Michael Davis was seen carrying a bag and hiding in an alley, when police responded to the 19-year-old woman screaming for help on the ground at the 800 block of Gallatin Street, NW, at around 9:00 p.m.

When police saw Davis in the shadows, he dropped the bag and started running away. A police chase ensued and he was taken down at the 800 block of Illinois Avenue shortly afterward.

Police found a claw hammer in Davis's bag, a weapon they believe was used in at least two of the attacks.

Davis had only been charged with one count of aggravated assault in for the attack on the teen.

Police canvassed homes in Ward 4, warning them not to walk alone and to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious in the area.

All four victims appeared to be walking alone, at night, when the attacks happened, Lanier said.

One of the victims was believed to be hit by a car when police showed up to one of the scenes. It was later found out that the victim had been hit in the head with some sort of blunt object, Lanier said.

A man who says he's the father of the Davis brothers said, "
My son is innocent I know my son didn't do it."

The teen is charged with attacking random people in the Petworth neighborhood earlier this week.

The defense attorney argued there was no probable cause because the victims could not credibly identify their attacker. She argued one of the victims who's skull was fractured was attacked from behind.

The judge overruled and said Davis will remain behind bars until his next hearing.

Detectives say there is no motive. The Mayor said Davis suffers from a mental illness.

"On Wednesday, May 9, 2012, members of the Homicide Branch arrested 19 year-old Michael Davis pursuant to a DC Superior Court Warrant charging him with First Degree Murder while Armed in the death of Gary Dederichs. Mr. Davis was previously arrested in connection with two assault cases and was being held in DC Jail at the time of his arrest," police said.

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