SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA)- Nothing can make the blood boil like someone who intentionally takes up two parking spots in a crowded parking lot.

But if you think there ought to be a law --- it turns out, there isn't -- at least not in Maryland.

In fact, it's an issue that's wound its way all the way to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals which overturned the drug conviction of Bruce W. Gilmore II over the issue.

Gilmore was approached by Prince George's County police in February of 2008 after taking up two parking spots in front of a Temple Hills Liquor store.

The encounter resulted in Gilmore's arrest and conviction, after police searched him and his car and found drugs and a knife.

But Maryland's Court of Special Appeals overturned the case because there is no law against parking in two spots, which means that police did not have proper cause for the search. The evidence in the case was thrown out.

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