WASHINGTON, D.C. - Danny Lesh said his bike was stolen from the front porch of a friend's home Sunday night in NW DC. He found his bike on craigslist, then came up with a scheme to reverse the bike theft.

"I was furious, I knew immediately it was my bicycle," said Lesh, who first told his story to the website Dcist. "I recognized the stickers on it. I was determined to get it back."

Lesh found his stolen bike being sold on craigslist a day after it was stolen.

The asking price was $100 for the Cannondale hybrid bike that he had bought more than10 years ago for $600.

"I started making contact with the seller, just text messaging," explained Lesh.

The two agreed to meet at 5th and Longfellow streets on Monday afternoon. Lesh hopped a cab to meet the seller. At first, they negotiated a price, then Lesh took it for a test ride.

The taxi driver, who had been a victim of theft himself, wanted to help out, so he was waiting for Lesh just down the street while Lesh was taking the bike for a spin.

"I got about four blocks away," Lesh said. "The taxi pulled up behind me. I put my bike in the trunk of the taxi. We were on the other side of town when the thief called my cell phone asking me where it was. I didn't answer so he left a message threatening that he was going to call the police on me."

After filing a police report, Lesh did call DC Metro Police, asking for a plainclothes officer to assist and possibly make an arrest, but after several phone calls, he was told an officer wasn't available.

"I had served them a criminal on a platter, but for whatever reason they weren't able to do it," said Lesh.

Since Lesh has gotten his ride back, he's found even more bike ads listed from the same guy who was selling his stolen bike.

Police won't comment on this story, only to say that it's only under investigation.

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