GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WUSA) -- Is it possible to heal people just by looking at them? A Croatian man who claims to do just that is in Gaithersburg and thousands of people from all over the country are coming to see him.

"We call Braco an awakener," said Angelika Whitecliff, author of "21 Days with Braco. "He is someone who is transmitting a silent power that affects people's consciousness."

Believers say he can heal your body, mind, and soul, all though the power of his silent gaze.

"After I came and saw Braco, about three days later, I noticed I didn't need my cane anymore," said a woman who came all the way from Wisconsin.

But many people at Wednesday's "Gazing Event" at the Gaithersburg Hilton are from the area and seeing Braco for the first time.

"I'm on a journey, as we all are, a spiritual journey," said Elizabeth Shokart from Gaithersburg.

When Braco walks out, he doesn't say a word. He simply gazes out at the crowd for seven minutes.

"When he gazes at you he sees the real person in you and accepts you for exactly who you are," said the woman from Wisconsin.

"The love coming out of him was very strong. The first time I was here, I cried just because the love was so beautiful. I know there's something really powerful here and very strong," said Shokart.

Some believers say the feel the effects of Braco's gaze immediately, others say it takes a few days. But some skeptics have gone so far as to call Braco's gaze a hoax.

"I myself was a skeptic at first," said a man from Croatia who credits Braco's gaze with curing his pneumonia. "Doctors couldn't help me, medications couldn't help me, this is the only thing that worked."

If you would like to see Braco with your own eyes, he's in town until Thursday. You can find him at the Hilton in Gaithersburg from 11a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets cost $8.

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