CHEVERLY, Md. (WUSA) --For five days now, people have been wondering what happened to the two vicious dogs in Northeast Washington that attacked several children, then mauled a man who came to their defense before the dogs were beaten off by a neighbor with a baseball bat.

We have now learned what happened to the dogs after they got away.

They were caught, and one of them was shot, by Detective Jarod Towers of the Cheverly Police Department in Prince George's County.

Around 12:30 Saturday morning, just a few hours after the dog attack in Northeast Washington, Towers was on routine patrol. He says he came across a car parked in the middle of State Street. The driver told him that he was on the phone with 911, reporting two injured dogs in the middle of the road. And, at that point, Detective Towers says one of the dogs came after him.

"After I took a couple of steps back, the dog lunged at me, and was going to attack me, and I fired one shot, striking the dog in the chest," Detective Towers says.

Both dogs were taken to Prince George's County animal control, where they were euthanized.

Detective Towers said he's certain that the dogs he caught were the same dogs involved in the Northeast Washington attack, and he offered a theory about how the dogs made it the five miles or so to Cheverly.

"I would have to guess that the owner probably brought the dogs here from DC. Once he found out his dogs had bitten somebody, he got nervous, got scared, didn't know what was going to come down the pike for him," Detective Towers says.

There is no information available about the dogs' owner or owners.

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