WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Minnesota Democrat Timothy Walz cited our 9 News Now investigation during the hearing.

The inspector general testified he'd reviewed the sick and dead GSA worker claims uncovered by the 9 Wants to Know investigation and determined, at the agency's Kansas City regional headquarters, the GSA mismanaged environmental risks

Walz (D-MN) said, "The risks or the risks of bad PR? Because it seems to me they spent more money on the risks of bad PR than the environmental risks."

Inspector General: "Well, that's a fair statement."

Congressman Walz grilled the Inspector General over our reports, finding that in response to GSA worker fears of deaths, cancers and toxins, the GSA hired a $234,000 PR agency.

Walz said,"Is it legal to do that? In our opinion, they violated just about all the procurement rules in hiring this PR firm."

Walz said the agency response to worker fears showed a pattern of cultural disinterest in their employees.

He said, "We have crossed between healthily skeptical to cancerous cynicism."

The 9 Wants to Know Investigaiton also identified $26 million in bonuses. This all started with a tip. If you've got a tip on government waste or corruption contact rptacek@wusa9.com, or follow me on Twitter.

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