WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- The owner of the Town Square Marketon McAruthur Boulevard in northwestappeared in a DC courtroom on Tuesday morning beforeJudge Elizabeth Wingo.

Richard Kim is accused of selling alcohol to a minor at his store. Kim's arrest came after a 9NEWS Now investigation that began in December 2011.

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On Tuesday the prosecution offered Kim a plea deal which included suspending a 14 day jail sentence and community service. But Kim insists he's innocent and turned down the offer, asking for a jury trial. His trial is scheduled for May 21st.

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The mother of a 16-year-old tipped 9NEWS Now reporter, Andrea McCarren, off to Town Square Market after she learned her daughter had been buying beer and vodka there, every week.

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For weeks 9NEWS NOW cameras captured video ofunderage teens allegedly buying alcohol from Town Square Market. One 18-year-old told us at the time, "It is very easy and we've been buying here almost two years."

When 9NEWS Now asked the young woman, in the past two years, had she ever been asked for id at the store she said, "Like once."

When 9NEWS Now spoke with Mr. Kim about our video he steadfastly denied selling to minors. "No. No, sir! No children, no sale."

After Mr. Kim's first court appearance in March on the underaged alcohol sale charge, Kim told 9NEWS NOW reporter, Andrea McCarren, he was filled with remorse and regret.

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In another development,the Advisory Neighborhood Commission where Mr. Kim's store is located (ANC3D), is asking DC's alcohol control board (Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration or ABRA) to deny Mr. Kim's alcoholic beverage sale license renewal.

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Ina letter dated April 15, ANC3DChair Stuart Ross writes, "The decision was based on the pending charge of unlawful sale to a minor."

Ross' letter also cites information from a 9NEWS Now story on Town Square Market. In the letter to ABRA, Ross says, "Since December 2011, Montgomery County Police have documented the transportation into Maryland of almost 40 sales of liquor to underage buyers by this establishment."

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