WASHINGTON,D.C. (WUSA) - More videos showing GSA officials mocking the government's easy cash have surfaced as a White House source says at least eight officials are now in trouble.

"This type of waste and abuse is outrageous," said Congressman Jeff Denham (R-Ca.), Chairman of the Subcommittee overseeing the General Services Administration. "The Committee is prepared to request subpoenas, if necessary."

An source within the Obama Administration who asked to not to be identified says the eight officials have either resigned, been fired, or placed on administrative leave.

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson resigned last week.

The videos and employment actions follow an Inspector General investigation into a lavish $820,000 Las Vegas convention and party thrown by the General Services Administration.

In the latest videos, GSA Regional Administrator Jeff Neely shows off his Armani suit and dismisses what now seems sage advice to let things stay in Vegas.

"Dispense with the notion that what's done in Vegas stays in Vegas and to really leave with what's done in Vegas needs to be shared with everybody," Neely said in the video.

"I expect detailed explanations on how and why these abuses occurred from those who have been fired or placed on leave," Denham said. "Taxpayers have a right to know the truth."

In another video, gold chain wearing rappers sing about the high dollar life styles of top GSA executives.

"I travel the world to London, Peru, getting that voucher approved," workers sing in the GSA video. "It's the life of a rock star and no place better than GSA."

The video ends with the rappers throwing large wads of cash into the air.

GSA officials issued a statement identical to the one issued Friday after the first video leaked.

"These videos reinforce once again the complete lack of judgment exhibited during the 2010 Western Regions Conference," a GSA statement said. "Our agency continues to be appalled by this indefensible behavior, and we are taking every step possible to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again."

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