BRANDYWINE, Md. (WUSA) -- A womanlied to police about being kidnapped in January and is now charged with falsifying a statement to police, say Charles County Sheriff'sOffice.

Thirty-seven-year-old Sharon Ruby Gray of Brandywine was charged with the misdemeanor after a week-long investigation revealed she had not been kidnapped.

The investigation started with a call from a citizen who said he or she saw acar on theshoulderof the road in the 3500 block of Malcolm Road with its engine running but no one in it on Jan. 22. Police officers tracked the car to a Brandywine address and talked to the homeowners. According to the sheriff's office, police learned that Sharon Gray had left in the car earlier in the evening and hadn't been heard from or seen since then. How the car was found and other evidence at the scene initially suggested foul play and family members seemed to be concerned for Gray's safety.

The next day, her husband called police to say Gray had come home. When detectives spoke to Gray she told police that she had been driving on Malcolm Road when the driver of a van started tailgating her car. She pulled over to the shoulder to let the van pass but she allegedly told police that the driver blocker her in, then the driver and another person got out, grabbed her and put a bag over her head. Authorities say she told police that the driver and other person put her in a vehicle and tied her wrists together before driving her around and holding her against her will overnight.

The sheriff's office now says that she made up the incident to delay a hearing in Prince George's County civil court on Jan. 24 regarding allegations that she falsified the last will and testament of an elderly man. According to police, she had provided home health care to the man and he had passed away. According to the will, police report, Gray was supposed to receive a large portion of the man's estate.

The sheriff's office reports that 19 police officers and nearly70 hours were dedicated to the investigation. Approximately $3,000 was spent during that time.

If Gray is convicted of the misdemeanor she could face jail time not exceeding six months, a fine not exceeding $500 or both.

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