POTOMAC, Md.(WUSA) -- Starting as young as kindergarten, Potomac Elementary students are learning math, science and how to speak Chinese at the same time.

For half of the day at the school, the students barely speak a word of their native language. Chinese Immersion is a hit at Potomac Elementary. It starts in kindergarten and goes through the 5th grade.

The longer students are involved in Chinese Immersion, the more complex the topics become -- such as learning geometry in Chinese.

Dr. Zhian Zhang says, "We're starting the relationship between 2 angles, supplementary angles, alternate interior and alternate exterior angles."

So can children fall behind in core subjects, getting lost in translation? Leslie Greenburg says she hasn't seen it.

"My kids came home like the first week and they were counting in English and in Chinese and I was shocked because it was just one week but they just pick it up so quickly," said Greenburg.

Lizzie Shutellsusstaying on track is important to her teacher Dr. Zhang.

"If everyone gets it he'll speed it up and he'll make it a little harder but if people don't know, likeI don't know, he'll slow it down," shares Lizzie.

Dr. Zhang says a large portion of his students have mastered between 300 and 400 characters.

"They can read they can tell you about their family, they can have basic conversation...and they don't have any help from their American parents," said Zhang.

Pretty cool, huh?

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