WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Last Thursday, Good Counsel's nationally-ranked wide receiver and University of Maryland commit, Stefon Diggs, Tweeted: "Everybody need to get off Jeremy Lin egg roll and dumplings he's good though."

The Tweet about Jeremy Lin, standout point guard for the New York Knicks, caused quite a stir, so much so, that Diggs decided to shut down his Twitter account, @Marseanbaybee.

We caught up with Diggs at the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC) boys' basketball semifinal on Sunday at American University's Bender Arena.

Diggs apologized for the comment and says he has learned an important lesson about being in the public eye.

HSS.net: "What were you thinking when you said that?"

Diggs: "Me and a young man from my school were having a conversation. He was going for Jeremy Lin and I was going for Kobe Bryant. It wasn't meant to be anything serious. It was a mistake. It happened and I apologize. It wasn't anything more than a joke ... but I understand it was offensive to a lot of people."

HSS.net: "Did [Maryland head football coach Randy] Edsall have anything to say about it?"

Diggs: "He told me I need to be more mindful of the things I say. I need to learn how to handle certain situations. I handled it the wrong way. I apologize, I feel bad about it. I didn't realize how big of an impact I had on other people. I took down my Twitter because I don't want any further situations like this. I'm just going to lay low, train and start focusing on college. I've learned a lot ... and it won't happen again."

It sounded like a sincere apology to us. Diggs now fully understands every move he makes will be watched.

Photo Caption: Diggs makes his college announcement in College Park on February 10.

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