WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- What did you have for breakfast today? Probably not an anti-aging smoothie packed with key nutrients that can help you stay healthy and feel young. Holistic wellness expert Tilli Williams swears by this smoothie, and shared with us the secret ingredients that make this unique beverage so beneficial to your health.

Williams, a naturopathic practitioner in Washington D.C., has been drinking these magic smoothies for over a decade. She uses a high-powered blender to mix up a concoction of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and anti-oxidants that come together to create a powerful smoothie with numerous health benefits.

"I actually put whole vegetables in. I don't have to peel them, I don't have to cut. And it's so powerful that it grinds it up and the fiber stays in," Williams said.

Williams starts with a base of apple juice to add some sweetness. She also includes protein powder, and a unique ingredient called "green food" which contains a combination of spirulina, chlorophyll, barley, and other nutrients. The smoothie also includes a special metabolism-booster: ginger. Besides the metabolic benefits, Williams also adds ginger because she likes the "heat" from it.

Next, Wlliams adds carrots and beets; the latter, she says, help detoxify the liver. Then she mixes in apples with the skin left on, as well as cucumbers, which Williams says contain numerous health benefits.

"Cucumbers have lots of nutrients and minerals like silica that helps with the skin and connective tissue. It also helps with depression."

Finally, Williams adds a dash of cilantro and kale. Although these vegetables may taste somewhat bitter, their flavor is masked by sweeter ingredients like apple juice and beets.

Williams drinks her anti-aging smoothie three times a week, right after yoga class.

"It gives me so much energy and strength and stamina that I don't need anything else. I don't have any hunger or anything until about noon when I eat lunch," she said.

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