WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)-- DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier is assuring residents in northwest DC that police are working to put an end to a recent crime wave of armed robberies there.

Lanier said, " We will catch them" at a community meeting to address the problem on Thursday night.

The crimes are happening in different areas of northwest D.C., but they are primarily clustered in AU Park, Woodley Park, and most recently in Chevy Chase.

Those neighborhoods are well to do areas, and although those streets are not immune to crime police say it's the first they have had so many armed robberies in a short period of time.

Police are linking all of the cases together and say they are being committed by a group of about three street thugs. In every case the suspects have approached people near their homes and robbed them at gunpoint.

At Thursday's meeting DC Police officials urged residents to stay extra vigilant and report anything out of the ordinary in their neighborhoods. Their hoping someone may call in a tip that will lead to the arrests of the suspects.

Lanier said, "The good thing about neighborhoods like this is that residents are very civic minded and they are very aware , and they will start reporting and give us the tips that we need."

As of this report, there were no concrete suspect details, but police did say they are looking into a small dark colored 2-door Mitsubishi car that they believe has been used in at least some of these crimes.

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