Some have claimed they could survive a nuclear holocaust. But even Hostess Twinkies, or at least the company that makes them, may not be able to outlast $800 million in debt.

The parent company of Hostess, the folks that brought you Twinkies, Wonder Bread and countless other delicacies is about to declare bankruptcy. Ain't that a kick in the head?

It's worse than that. In the corner store tonight there is no Hostess. Instead, they had Mrs. Freshley's. Really? Yeah...really.

See, these gooey marvels may have been the only game in town when Hostess invented them back in 1919 and the Twinkie 11 years later. But these days, ya got everything from Fancy Frosted Pretzels to Cinnabon to Mrs Freshley's to rot out your sweet tooth. It is in part the competition that ate our Twinkies.

And by the way, I'm a firm believer there are two kinds of people in the world: The gorgeous and intelligent who prefer the
chocolatey cream filled delicacies which offer, and I quote, "a big delight in every bite."

And the people who eat Twinkies. But I don't judge.

And besides, my all time Hostess favorite remains the vastly under-rated, yet tremendousy tasty, Honeybun. Now this is 440 calories worth of gut expanding gastronimic grandiosity that simply cannot be replaced. But it looks like I may have to try.

And while our friendly corner store was fresh out of Hostess, they did have these delectable temptations known
as Tastycake butterscotch krimpets. Really, really good with a dab of Cool Whip...I'm gonna need a minute.

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