ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) --Tom Carter loves eating eggs, all kinds of eggs. So much so that he's now hoping to raise chickens in his backyard.

Carter is one of the leaders of the Arlington Egg Project, a group of Arlington residents now hatching a plan to make it easier for people to raise their own chickens in Arlington County.

On Wednesday night, Carter was making his case for backyard chickens during the monthly meeting of the Arlington Committee of 100, an influential community organization.

"It's a combination of health concerns, nutrition concerns, environmental concerns," Carter said of his interest in backyard chicken farming.

The way the law is written now in Arlington County, a person needs a backyard of about an acre and a half to be allowed to raise chickens. And, needless to say, most people in Arlington County do not have backyards of an acre and a half.

Space requirements aren't the only issue. Some people aren't convinced that Arlington residents should be allowed to raise chickens no matter how big their backyards.

Darryl Hobbs says one of his neighbors in Arlington County had an illegal chicken coop for about a year.

"I can tell you that I thought we had excessive flies, we had rodents; the chickens do make noise and there is a smell," Hobbs said.

The Arlington Egg Project is still very much in its infancy -- its chick phase, if you will. Tom Carter says even if everything goes according to plan -- and Arlington County changes the law regarding backyard chicken farming -- it will be at least another year before he's making his favorite egg dishes with his very own eggs.

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